apply FORM

Commonly Asked Questions

• When can we apply?

You can apply as long as you are currently working with a 501(c)3 approved adoption agency. Yes, this means even if you are in the process of your home study, you can still apply.

• Is there a waitlist?
Yes, once you submit your application, one of our team members will reach out and let you know when you would start fundraising with us.  

• How long does it take to be approved and start fundraising?
Once you reserve your spot, one of our team members will reach out to assist you in setting up your first meeting, where you will then get access to create your fundraising page. Typically it will take 2-3 weeks to complete your pre-launch checklist (all the things you need to do before launching).

• How long will it take to raise my funds?
If you follow your fundraising plan and do the things, we ask of you. Your family can raise 25-30k within 3 months of launching and 35k-50k within 6-7months.

• What should I do/not do while waiting to be approved?
Please be patient. We understand the adoption process and the cost of adoption. While you are waiting for your fundraising plan and page, please do not share on social media you are adopting, host any fundraisers or sign-up with any other fundraising platforms. What you can do is pray that God would open the hearts of people in your community, as well as research fundraising ideas.