1. How long does my account stay open?
• Your account remains open for two years. At that time, you will be contacted to see if you are ready to close your account.
• If you want to close your account before two years, please let the Family Account Manager know.

2. How do I access my funds?
A. If you want a payment to go to a provider:

1.  Fill out the Family Provider Request Form
On the form please provide:
a. your name
b. email 
c. the total amount to be paid from your account
d. Invoice 
e. who to pay,
including the mailing address

B. If you want to be reimbursed for expenses you have paid:

1.  Complete the Family Expenses Reimbursement Form

NOTE: If you submit foreign receipts, you need to include the exchange rate and convert the foreign currency to U.S. dollars in the appropriate columns on the reimbursement form.

2.  Submit proof of payment (receipts or canceled checks including both the front and back of the check or bank statement documentation proving the check was processed). Documentation that would satisfy the IRS is what you need to submit. Be sure to send copies and keep the originals for your records. 

3.  Number your receipts to match the numbered lines on the Reimbursement Form beginning with #1.

C. Payment is always made based on your available funds.

D. Reimbursements/payments are sent daily Monday-Friday. Your check will go out within 14 days of approval.

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